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Polyga compact C210 3D scanner

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Perfect for capturing high resolution 3D scans of objects approximately the size of a shoebox.

Product Description

  • Type: Professional desktop 3D scanner (IP67 rated for industrial use)
  • Dimension (mm): 49 x 146 x 190
  • Cameras: A pair of 2 megapixel cameras, monochrome
  • Software: Flexscan3D for 3D capturing and post-processing

Technical Specifications

  • Field of view (mm): 98 x 71 – 154 x 100
  • Point-to-point distance (mm): 0.06 – 0.09
  • Accuracy: Up to 35 micron

Unit sold indivually.

These units are NOT sold with a Tripod, Rotary table, carry case or connection cables.

Purchase Tripod , Rotary table, Connection Cabels and Carry case sepretly.