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Polyga H3 Hand held 3D scanner - Colour

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The Polyga H3 is simply an all-round professional handheld 3D scanner that’s easy to use, portable, and high-accuracy—all at an affordable price.

Product Description

  • Type: Professional handheld 3D scanner
  • Dimension (mm): 280 x 200 x 60
  • Cameras (frames per second): 2 x 700 FPS, monochrome or color option
  • Software: Flexscan3D for 3D capturing and post-processing
  • Technology: Structured-light, proprietary multi-imaging pattern for 3D capture
  • Modes (2-in-1): Handheld mode, stationary mode (mounted on a tripod)

Technical Specifications

  • Field of view (mm): 205 x 112 to 455 x 252
  • Point-to-point distance (mm): 0.5 or better
  • Accuracy: Up to 80 microns (0.08 mm)

Polyga H3 Monochrome hand held Scanner with the ability to also be tripod based. Comes with Flexscan 3D software

Unit sold indivually.

These units are NOT sold with a Tripod, Rotary table, carry case or connection cables.

Purchase Tripod , Rotary table, Connection Cabels and Carry case sepretly.