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Polyga Carbon XL 3D scanner Monochrome

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The Polyga Carbon is your answer. While other systems can be restrictive in its ability to only scan similar sized objects, the Polyga Carbon is different. What makes it special is its ability to scan objects of different shapes and sizes simply by changing the observable area (field of view or FOV). Get the versatility you need all in one system.

The new Polyga CarbonXL has a wider adjustable field of view and a brighter projector compared to the original model. Giving you even more flexibility and control for 3D scanning.

Product Description

  • Type: Professional 3D scanner, Tripod mounted
  • Dimension (cm): 30.4 x 40.6 x 20.3
  • Cameras: 2 x 5 megapixel, monochrome or color
  • Software: Flexscan3D for 3D capturing and post-processing

Technical Specifications

  • Adjustable Field of view (mm): 70 – 800 diagonal
  • Point-to-point distance (mm):
  • 70mm FOV: 0.027
  • 800mm FOV: 0.260


  • 70mm FOV: 25 microns (0.025mm)
  • 800mm FOV: 70 microns microns (0.070mm)